Lake Harris Chain 

Bay Area Bassmasters -Lake Harris – February 11,2017bay-area-bassmasters1

Dad always said bad decisions have consequences…

I live closer to Lake Harris than any other lake Bay Area will be fishing this year. With that in mind Rick and I wanted to capitalize on some extra practice days and a little more knowledge about the lake. Truth be told, we had amazing practice days. Rick couldn’t come home with less than 16 lbs per day during practice and that was without catching the bigger fish he found on bed. What killed us this tournament was finding too many fish too spread out and making a bad decision to go for a possible 30 lbs instead of our almost guaranteed 15. We had 3 different game plans to choose from for the day of the tournament. 2 of those plans were secluded away from everything and we probably could have been fishing without much company. The other was a well known community hole that seemed to have 8 lbers everywhere on Thursday before the tournament. The urge to fish for those big fish was too strong for us and ended up putting us in 33rd place at the end of the day with a tiny 7 lb limit. The big fish disappeared and the other anglers that decided to fish there were able to capitalize on some of the easier to catch fish while we wasted time on a big one. I caught our biggest fish on a toad in between trolling to different beds and we each caught 2 dinks sight fishing. We caught 5 fish all day and didn’t get another bite. The blue bird sky had the fish locked up for the most part and a lot of people struggled to catch a limit. One thing that had us feeling good about our decisions is everywhere we went we were fishing right next to the Crandons and if you’re around them, you’re probably making the right decisions. Unless you are bed fishing behind them… That’s never a good idea.

We are sitting in 16th place for team of the year at the moment and are hoping to move back into the top 10 after this month’s tournament on the Kissimmee Chain. We have an uphill battle for sure and our goal of team of the year might already be out of reach, but we will see how the rest of the year goes. One tournament at a time.




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